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When working individually, our primary focus at the start of therapy is on the development of trust and safety within the space. This aspect of the therapy process is often overlooked or minimized, but cultivating a deep sense of mutual respect and trust is the foundation of healing when working with another human being. Without this foundation, any work we undertake together will remain on the surface level. It is my honor and responsibility as a professional to support the depth of work that any client will seek for lasting improvements in daily life.

The transpersonal approach is what I call the "modern dance" of psychotherapy, accounting for all approaches that came before and adding another dimension, that of the transcendent, the energetic, the heightened consciousness that exists as part of the human experience. Clients who feel deeply connected to animals, to nature, to religion, to spirituality, to the universe as a whole -- are held by the transpersonal approach, guiding people towards deeper awareness of how these connective processes function within and influence our lives. Transpersonal psychology has become a mainstream practice over the past two decades, prompting the global movement towards mindfulness, meditation, eco-consciousness, gender fluidity, yoga as a therapeutic approach, and the acceptance of heightened awareness as a natural aspect of human experience.

Utilizing aspects of narrative and experiential therapies, in conjunction with the expressive arts and transpersonal interventions, we undertake a holistic and expansive approach to healing that aids in every aspect of your life, whether this is an explicit goal we set or simply a natural consequence of working together.

I engage in this work because I feel called to serve others and support healing. My education and training in mental health practices supports this calling and allows me to provide a safe, long-lasting container in which to facilitate this transformative process with you. 

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