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Sex Coaching

With the advent of sexual liberation, the accessibility of endless sexual material, the cultural shift toward naming and exposing sexual assault culture and seemingly ubiquitous sexual violence, as well as the securing of further civil rights for the LGBTQIA+ community, the field of sex coaching has become an important piece of the life coaching profession. Becoming sexually aware, informed, embodied, and secure is a human right, and sex coaching aims to guide clients toward their most authentic sexual self, whether this is through sexual identity, sexual practice, or the forging of a new approach toward sexual fulfillment.

Professional coaching never includes sex -- this is an essential point in addressing the practice of sex coaching. There is never any type of sexual activity between coach and client; there is no sharing of personal images, videos, or any form of sexual touch or physical exposure. The safety and professionalism of the relationship is always paramount.

I practice as a kink-positive coach, meaning that I view any sexual interest, desire, or behavior (that is consensual and, when applicable, legal) as a creative, beneficial manifestation of one’s lived experience. It can be life-changing to simply acknowledge a deeply satisfying sexual need or desire with a nonjudgmental witness to your truth. Often, even if we have been able to accept certain sexual interests alone or share certain sexual expressions with a partner, we have yet to explore it fully or honor it as a meaningful aspect of our lives.

While engaging with me as a sex coach, I utilize both the tangible and the intangible, including the expressive arts, intuitive arts, and, through our exploration, the potential inclusion of those closest to you (such as romantic partners, close friends, or family members) during sessions if it will be significant for you.
Since sex coaching is outside the scope of mainstream psychotherapy practice, coaching does not include assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of mental health disorders. However, as a practice of healing support, coaching involves the guidance and goal-oriented work toward transformation.


Together, we can explore how your sexuality is expressed as part of your life, and we can support your discovery of your most authentic sexual self.  

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