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Intuitive Guidance

Instead of recognizing a need for clinical mental health services, you might be seeking guidance in discerning your goals and connecting these to your deeper values and their inherent meanings in your life. A spiritual coaching relationship offers support in deciding which path to take, and provides guidance in honoring your unique strengths and callings through an exploration and activation of your internal and external resources.

While engaging with me as a spiritual life coach, I utilize tangible and intangible resources, including the expressive arts, intuitive arts, and, through our exploration, the potential inclusion of those closest to you during select sessions.

Since spiritual coaching is outside the scope of mainstream psychotherapy practice, a coaching relationship involves different standards and documentation. Once we decide to begin a coaching relationship, I will not be able to offer myself to you for clinical services as well. This would constitute a "dual relationship," which is unethical for me to provide. While there are aspects of clinical practice that can include coaching, the reverse is not the case. *Coaching does not include assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of mental health issues or concerns. Insurance will not cover this type of service.

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